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This Wingnut Called Me an Idiot

This Wingnut Called Me an Idiot. Here’s What I Said Back. (This was first posted to the, that awesome Medium publication.) So I just got verbally abused online by someone I don’t know, who I’ve never met, and never will. … Continue reading

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11 Rules for Writing Online, Because Internet

Yes, this is satire, first posted over at Medium’s publication. Go forth and like it, por favor. Writing for the web takes a certain style, because as we all know, it’s the clicks that count. To help get you started, … Continue reading

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Fan is Short for Fanatic

I am a Mets fan, in the full sense of the word: I am a fanatic. I like to rail against fanaticism in the real world, but I give myself a pass for baseball. It’s ridiculous, basically. It’s a game … Continue reading

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Alan Greenspan, Free Marketers, and Fanatics

Alan Greenspan is back in the news, after Bernie Sanders’ classic confrontation from years ago came up in the Democratic Debate (go watch it, it’s well worth your five minutes). I’ll admit, I haven’t thought about Greenspan for a while, not since he came out with that … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation – Why it Breaks Your Heart

I streamed Lost in Translation over my laptop in the afternoon on the kitchen table (it’s on Netflix) instead. And even under those less-than-ideal movie watching circumstances, I was so completely taken into the world of this film that 48 hours later I’m still heartbroken. That’s really the only word for it. I fell for it pretty hard ten years ago, but this time it’s a whole different thing. Why would a beautiful film leave me in such a sorry state? Continue reading

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The Tea Party, History and (Short) Social Memory

The truth is we’ve been a Tea Party country for thirty years. What was Reaganomics, trickle down theory, the Contract with America? When you want to cancel the income tax, end social security, cut government regulations, kill the EPA, end work-place rules, close the borders – that’s not progress, that’s the 1890s. Continue reading

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2011 Pushcart Nomination

Pleased to announce my 2010 Pushcart Prize nomination… Continue reading

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Creating Value with Internet Marketing

I recently got a resume from a college grad, and like so many others today, he was having a hard time getting callbacks on his resume. It got me thinking about what I’d be doing if I were starting out looking for a marketing job today – tailor my pitch and resume to the ways I in which marketing builds value. This is something no one ever explained to me and I wish they had, and it’s the only thing that matters. It may seem obvious for the big picture it’s easily forgotten in the day-to-day. Continue reading

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